Computer Centre
 (formerly CornerStone Business Solutions) Est. 1997
CornerStone Computer Centre (Bognor Regis) Limited
The Arcade, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1LH
T:  01243-820082 / 0845-1651887 (same line)**
M:  07919-376677 (text ONLY)
Rapid response, good, honest advice & low costs
from a reliable, well established local company

"For all your computing needs - Home and Office"

Computer Sales, Setup & Servicing
Repairs & Upgrades
Virus & Spyware Removal
Consumables & Data Recovery

Opening Hours:
0800-1800 Monday to Saturday
0800-1400 Sunday & Bank Holidays

CornerStone price guide
Refurbished notebooks & PCs
CornerStone hints & tips
CornerStone service prices
CornerStone Read Me
CornerStone Linux Read Me
Bullguard Internet Security installation guide
Espon ink prices
How to fit Epson compatible inks
Brother, Canon & HP ink prices
CornerStone Companion DVD
Windows STOP Codes

CBS Christmas 2001 competition
C3 Christmas 2002 competition

Play Tetris (no download required!)

CornerStone recommends:
'Bullguard Internet Security' to make being online safer
'Maxthon Web Browser' for safer & faster web browsing
'Emsisoft Anti-Malware' for removing infections

** Telephone Etiquette:
Whilst serving a customer, the telephone will NOT be answered...
Please wait a MINIMUM of 15 minutes before calling again.
Rapid redialing will NOT be tolerated... it is highly anti-social,
& will guarantee your call is deliberately ignored & NOT answered!
Withheld or non-geographic (08xx) numbers will NOT be answered.
(if you are ex-directory, check with your telephone provider how to override)

Brexit has caused some VERY large price rises
CPU, RAM, HDD & SSD all up in price, some by over 50%!

First MAJOR update to price guide in 6 months (took a whole week to do!):
All new PC builds, all higher specification & all better quality.
New HUGE list of motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards & monitors.

Manjaro Linux update issue:
Interrupted updates can cause Manjaro to not boot to desktop.
See updated CornerStone Linux Read Me for simple fix.

26th March 2017 was our 13th anniversary
since moving from Chichester to Bognor Regis!

See CornerStone Hints & Tips (page 4) for details
on how to extend Windows XP updates till 2019

Windows Vista support ended on 11th April 2017!
Microsoft will NOT be offering extended support,
free or paid, even to corporate customers!
Continued use is not recommemned, but we can
upgrade you from Windows to Linux from only £25!
Linux is substancially faster & safer than Windows,
but retains the same basic look & feel.

To prevent WannaCry ransomware & other vulnerabilities
recently disovered from infecting Windows XP, Vista or 8.0,
download & install the following:
KB3197835, KB4012583, KB4012598, KB4018271, KB4018466
KB4019204, KB4022747, KB4024323, KB4024402, KB4025218
(Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 were updated in March 2017, but you
should recheck, at least monthly, for updates not just for
Windows, but also ALL other installed software!

Note: all prices include VAT @ 20%
Last Updated: 14th February 2018

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